Vaginal Herpes Actual Cure

I know everyone wishes there was an actual cure for vaginal herpes. It turns out the Europeans have something to cure vaginal herpes, or any type of herpes for that matter, and have had this for years!!! Can there be any truth to this?

herpes diariesHi I’m Gaby and I unfortunately am one of those people who through no fault of their own contracted vaginal herpes from an ex who cheated on me. This is such an embarrassing thing to live with. Sad to say its prevented me from having what could have great relationships. I’ve actually ended relationships because it was coming to the point where I knew it was about to get sexual and I did not want to have THAT conversation. So rather than be embarrassed and tell them I have Vaginal Herpes I broke up.  I lost out on some very promising relationships. Not to mention the depressed state you get in when you have to face these situations. Everyone who has vaginal herpes knows exactly what I’m talking about.

I am constantly trying new “cures”. I tried the typical prescription drugs but my body could not handle the side effects. I wont get into that too much but if you have tried them its almost pointless to take them! First they MAY only PREVENT outbreaks. All the doctors tell you there is no herpes cure. Second the irritation that comes with some of the side effects can be hard to deal with. All this and not to mention the COST! Drugs can be very very expensive, and for something that only MAY work…its so frustrating and makes me constantly think I just have to live with this because of someone else!!What was I to do??

I finally stumbled upon another website claiming to cure vaginal herpes. A woman claims to have something simple, natural herpes cure and on top of everything CHEAP! According to her the Europeans have had this for years but she was not aware of this until she contracted this. She has written a book on this and you and I know this sounds like one of those too good to be true. I have already purchased it  but I don’t want to give any reviews on this yet until I have had time to see the effects and completely read the info.

Please stay tuned!!! I’ll share what I found out very soon. Who knows if there is finally a cure for vaginal herpes I’ll definitely let you know! GABY