Cure Herpes Symptoms Faster And Avoid OB in Future

If you are herpes positive, maintaining your immune system at its best shape is paramount to getting your outbreaks under control. HSV1 or HSV2, on or off prescription drugs, the immune system is a key piece of defeating herpes. Even without drugs, if you change to a more healthy and positive life you can defeat herpes, its outbreaks, and its symptoms.

In American culture we can tend to treat our things better than our body. Giving up sleep, eating badly, or not exercising can cause your body to become unbalanced and bring about more effects of herpes. Although even without herpes, it is always a good idea to treat yourself well. After all, we only have one body.

When you are herpes positive, this is even more important, as a compromised immune system will trigger the herpes virus and it will increase the severity of its attacks on the body. Herpes lies dormant in the nervous system even when no symptoms are apparent, unlike a normal cold that can be eradicated by antibodies, herpes can always strike again if it gets the chance. If you have been asking yourself, will there ever be a cure for herpes, this is the information you need to be reading.

The most important things to remember about treating your body well to stop herpes are as follows:

1. You are what you eat

Think of your body as an engine, if you put in bad fuel it will never run right no matter what else you do. Although your body is much more adaptable and resilient than an engine to bad fuel, it will never run at its best unless you give it what it really needs. Your immune system will only ever be as good as the nutrition you give it. Unfortunately, much of the food we eat today isn’t exactly nutritional for our bodies, this can range from a tasty Sirloin steak on the grill to that quick McDonald burger that barely can be considered food.

You should steer clear of sugar, it will hamper the white blood cells of the body so they cannot kill viruses as well. It also blocks the body from absorbing many vitamins, which are very important for your bodies immune system. You should also avoid something called argenine. This amino acid is found in peanuts, grain food, raisins, and chocolates; too much will trigger an outbreak as herpes uses this amino acid to spread and activate.

Useful foods to those who are herpes positive are greens, chicken, eggs, bean, and fish. These foods are rich and lysine, a different amino acid that will help your body defend against the herpes simplex virus. You can also take lysine as a supplement to help as well.

2. Get a treatment plan!

All of this information you are absorbing is well and good, but you need to put it into practice. The best way to accomplish this is to have a plan, one where activities build on and support each other, giving you the maximum benefit possible. It is important to stick to your plan and follow through on it, if you do not have a plan I highly recommend you check out THIS GREAT AND ALL NATURAL TREATMENT PLAN.

3. The Toxic Environment

In today’s society we are all among chemical toxins every day, and they can be found just about everywhere. Some can stay with us and become harmful to our bodies. The body must always balance itself out, so it will seek to detox the body of the toxins, which will use vitamins which can easily exceed what you can intake from just food. For this reason it is recommended to take supplements as necessary to keep all the nutrition your body needs.

4. Sleeping

Apart from what most of us seem to think, sleep is actually a necessity. When you sleep your body rejuvenates itself and your mind is allowed rest. When we are in deeper sleep, the body refreshes the immune system with very strong chemicals. When you don’t get enough, your immune system will not be getting the refreshment it needs every night, and thus will not be able to fight against herpes as well. When recovering from outbreaks or a cold, you could need even more than 8 hours of sleep, it is not uncommon for the body to take extra healing time when it is compromised.

5. Stressors

Patient testimony says that one of the most frequent outbreak triggers is stress This can be stress to the mind or body (most often mind). Stress can actually change our bodies chemical composure and these changes are not mostly positive. When you are stressed out, your body produces a lot of adrenaline and cortisone… both of which will hold back the immune system. Therefor it is just as important to balance your whole life, and not just your diet. Relaxing physical activity, most notably tai chi and yoga, have been found to be extremely helpful for people with herpes. Many people find that they enjoy the relaxing effects of these practices on the body, and they end up enjoying the activities.

6.Physical Activities

If you want to reduce stress and strengthen your body (and consequently, your immune system), there is no better way than physical activity. Researchers have proven that even as little as 30 minutes of walking a day will boost your immune system. Don’t overdo it though, extreme exercise regiments and those that work major muscles like weight lifting) can actually harm you immune system as they tear down the body so it can rebuild itself stronger. This will tax your immune system to the breaking point and it is a much better idea to do relaxing activities. Things like walking, swimming, or tai chi are very good for the bodies immune system. Remember, you don’t want to over stress yourself with physical activities, just keep yourself active.

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7.Supplementary vitamins and minerals.

Although eating healthy foods and having a balanced diet is a very important part keeping herpes in check, supplements are often needed to bring your immune system into true balance. Unfortunately, today’s foods are lacking in many essential vitamins and nutrients due to mass farming procedures, things like chemicals and overgrown soil.

A few vitamins you should probably supplement are A, B complex, E, C, and minerals like zinc and selenium. Ask your doctor about good nutrition supplements to take for yourself, and maintain a structured plan. Supplements that are beneficial to your immune and nervous system will be best. If you are looking for a great and all natural treatment plan, look no further than HERPES CURE. This plan is shown to reverse and stop outbreaks completely when followed properly.

8. Outlook and motivation
When dealing with a lifelong condition like the herpes simplex virus, having a negative view of your condition will defeat you. The way you approach things and your response will make you or break you. Even on just a physical level, negativity breeds stress which can start outbreaks.

9. Reduce stressors.

This one sounds simple, but it is hardly so. Trying to reduce stress in our speedy goal oriented society can create stress in its own right, but it is a very important thing to do when you have herpes. Stress will compromise your immune system and can trigger and extend outbreaks. So taking up something like yoga or meditation will be immensely helpful to you.

10. Live a simple life

Living a simple life can take care of both of the previously mentioned tips. Living simply will help reduce stressors in your life and allow you to make more thoughtful actions. It can help you prioritize your values and realize the small things that matter in your life.