Alternative Medicine Information

A Primer For Another Way To Success

Without even knowing any principles or types of alternative medicine information, much time and energy is expended in the field of conventional medicine disclaiming the benefits of alternative therapies. At the same time, many alternative practitioners state the importance of conventional medicine for the objective of health and healing. The invitation is continually being extended by alternative medicine information seminars, workshops, video, print and pamphlet explaining how the two specialties can co-exist for the benefit of the patient.

Simple But Effective Co-Existence of the Two Worlds

Say, you as the patient go to the doctor (conventional medicine) because you broke your leg. A skilled physician, after some preliminary tests, will re-align the bone fragments, immobilize the break and then give nature time to heal the break. This doctor did absolutely nothing to heal that break. All he did was set up the conditions so your body and nature could do its job of healing itself.
This is where the alternative medicine information can come in. A practitioner here also can set up a more in depth treatment plan which will facilitate an even quicker or speedier recovery with less pain. Thus the end result is both types of doctors helped the process of healing that bone. This is where alternative medicine information is most important.

Neither of these doctors by themselves actually did anything to heal that break. Both just set up conditions, per their field of expertise, to alleviate pain and discomfort and the time needed for the natural healing process to take over.

Misconceptions of Alternative Therapy Practices by Traditional Medicine

Because most physicians have no knowledge of Alternative Medicine information, either because little or none was covered during their training years, traditional physicians always seem to have 5 major misconceptions about alternative therapies.

Alternative Therapy Is Not Very Well Known

Because environmental medicine is not taught at most medical schools or residency programs, that is no reason to invalidate a program that has been around and used widely for thousands of years.
Conventional medicine today is broken up into smaller sub-specialties and each physician centers his practice around that target area. The holistic theory, that all alternative programs are based on, teaches the body is a whole unit therefore when something is wrong with one part of the body it will often affect other areas as well.Therefore alternative therapy programs attempt to center its treatment programs by removing the cause of the illness which will alleviate the pain and discomfort in the body as a whole.

Alternative Medicine Has No Scientific Basis

Conventional medicine typically has reported results of studies that has been developed by an attending physician or laboratory that knows absolutely nothing about the background or training of Alternative Medicine. How can this person possibly give an educated or un-biased opinion about a subject they know nothing about. Often they do not even know what they are looking for. Medicine is not a field for the unknown or the inexperienced.
The Cause and Effect of Environmental Illnesses Can Not Be Proven

This often repeated concern of traditional medicine is pure hypocrisy. How many times have you or a family member been to a doctor and after testing, inconclusive results have shown up. Generally the first thing that physician will do is send you to another specialist. Often you can be passed around from doctor to doctor, each adding their own possible treatment plan, with everyone trying to rule out the possibilities.
Now conventional medicine is trying to argue that since the expected final result of alternative therapies is the recovery of the whole body from the disease or illness, this invalidates the treatment plan because there is no pre-set form of treatment up front with diagnosis.

All Environmental Illnesses Are Psychosomatic

Have you or a friend ever been to a doctor, explained your vague set of symptoms which seem to come and go, submitted to a round of testing from possibly more than one doctor, and at the end the diagnosis is still “I can not find anything wrong with you”. After a few times with this scenario, eventually the attitude you receive is “it’s all in your head” or “you’re depressed.” Now you feel like you need a “shrink”.
The theory has been stated in conventional medicine that alternative therapy treats imaginary ailments reported with some kind of imaginary cures.

Impractical Treatment Methods Will Result In Limited To No Results

In severe situations, some patients are placed on a very restrictive diet or treatment plan until the patient can tolerate the issues which are leading to their illness. After a limited amount of time, they are then returned to a normal diet to continue a normal life. These temporary measures can be restrictive but it is just one step in an overall plan to return this patient to normal health and vitality. This process is no different than the methods used by conventional medicine.
Without the proper education and the lack of training in Alternative Medicine information, no individual should have the responsibility of critiquing another form of medicine which is available for the safety of our health and bodies. Me personally, I would never dream of trying to criticize a heart surgeon’s techniques while someone else was in consultation with their doctor. I do not have the background or knowledge needed to make an informed opinion.

Alternative Medicine information must be the decision of each and every one of us if we are concerned about our health. If after investigation, you feel this is not an option for you, feel comfortable with the knowledge you are now basing that decision on your own honest investigation, not a bunch of hearsay from what should be non-interested parties.