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One Road Back By Utilizing Types Of Alternative Medicine

Through several types of alternative medicine, my life about us and complementary therapies pretty much begins as I was leaving my high school years behind.

Young, idealistic, fresh out of high school and bored with my hometown. Life was too slow, too predictable, no excitement and everything just stale and routine.

Sounds just like the typical under the age of 20 crowd in almost every generation, doesn’t it?

My life was begging for some excitement. Advanced schooling was not an option and in those days it was not even considered a necessary alternative. So my “open road” led me to the US Military.

I was young and in good health so basic training was no problem. Rules—Rules— and More Rules but that was OK. I can do this, no problems.

The problems started arising though a few days into basic training. Understand though, at the time, I had no idea there was a problem.

The barracks are rows and rows of bunk beds for the recruits. I had the bottom, another girl had the top.. Within the first week this order was reversed. She seemed to be going down-hill fast health-wise. At first it was just cold symptoms, getting worse and worse by the hour. One thing seemed to graduate to another for her. We changed bunks because she could barely drag herself up to the top bed by the fourth day there.

She was continuously going back and forth to the local medical clinic. By the end of the first week in basics she was hospitalized. By the end of week three she was discharged from the service and sent to her local hospital at her home town.

For the first week she did nothing but cough continuously on me, my belongings and my surrounding bunk. I was also constantly touching, moving or helping her to re-arrange herself in the barracks, formation, her gear and any other way I could think of to help.

My coughing started slowly after the first month. It was February by now. I’m a northern girl stuck in the south in 90 degree temperatures and just wishing for some snow from back home. The “cold” I seemed to have picked up was a nuisance and I seemed to have all kinds of problems “shaking it.”

Fast forward through the years and every year I would get it. At first for a few weeks, then it would drag on for months. Years turned to decades and I would be sick for 6-8 months of every year. Conventional medicine never could find out the problem or a solution either. Several months after my bunkmate had left the service I tried contacting her. After speaking to members of her family, she never made it through. She had passed away- no one ever figured out why.

Determination alone got me through my life in those days. But eventually, wear and tear on my body and my system begged for another option to help me feel better. I started reading and eventually found out about alternative medicine.

At this time of my life, where I lived, the general consensus in the medical community and from the insurance company was ” What’s alternative medicine? No, we don’t do it–and No, we don’t cover any treatments.” So I was on my own.

Trial and error, time and patience, and finally I did start to find stuff that seemed to help. I lessened the severity of the continuous symptoms. Then I tried building up my immune system to see if I could prevent the frequent outbreaks. Over the next decade I did figure out a maintenance program for me. I still get it occasionally but now I have a way to help myself get over it.

Occasionally, because of the fast pace, tremendous pressures and hectic life schedule I follow, I am prone to a relapse. If I slack off and try circumventing my maintenance program or get cocky and get the impression I have not had it for a year or two, I can get lax on my routine and start letting my routine slide. Eventually, it will catch up with me and let me know it’s still there and waiting.

Alternative medicine has probably saved my life. Although I have never officially been to a practicing practitioner, I know as much or more than many people just because it was a necessity for me to find a way that conventional medicine could not find.

Through almost four decades of this condition, I have been diagnosed with everything from allergies to zinc deficiency and yet none of them seemed to be the correct answer. It is possible I will never know- I just do know alternatives are out there that can help to replace or work in conjunction with conventional medicine practices to facilitate a better positive result than just trying to mask a group of symptoms until “the next time it strikes”.