Alternative Herpes Treatments

Once you are infected with herpes it will remain in your body for the rest of your life. However everyone who catches the virus doesnt necessarily develop herpes, and if you do develop herpes your body can “fight off” the virus and it can become dormant in your body for decades. And by the way there is no FDA herpes cure only treatment at the moment. can help you depress and remove your herpes, and take measures to avoid them returning in the future. We are the only website that offers ever herpes treatment available globally. So why not let you help you find the best herpes treatment to suit your needs and lifestyle.All the herpes treatments reviews on this site are all effective, painless and safe ways of treating both genital herpes and cold sores, without burning, scarring or skin irritation or any unwanted side effects.

Everyone in the world thinks the sole way to cure herpes (HSV) is to visit the local GP to get an expensive prescription drug. The drugs the doctor will prescribe are expensive, and there are side effects that come with prescription drugs such as; sickness, headaches, nausea, vision changes, unusual decrease in urine production, hair loss, aggressive behaviour and depression, joint pain, severe pain on muscles, burning and extreme pain while urinating! There are also rare side effects linked to treatments accociated with herpes prescription treatments such as kidney failure and seizures while taking prescriptoin drugs. By visiting a specialist GP you can expect them to: alternative herpes treatmeents

However there’s alternatives to these drugs . . . Millions of men and woman are turning to us as an alternative treatment for herpes after having used prescription drugs, due to the unwanted and painful side effects users experience! Every non precription HSV herpes treatment available on this website are effective, painless and are a safe ways of treating herpes, including vagina, penis, and oral herpes, without any scarring, burning, skin irritation or any unwanted side effects.

Unfortunatley there is no cure for the HSV1 and HSV2 virus. Once a person is infected with the virus they will have it for the virus rest of your life. Your body can try to ‘fight the virus off’ and it can become dormant in the body for decades and then reappear.If you know you have contacted one of the HSV virus’s, then we can help you to remove it, and help you take measures to avoid it returning in the future. We are the only website that publish actual reviews from buyers of all the herpes treatments available. So if you have read our “herpes treatment” page and think you may have contracted the HSV virus, then let us help you to suppress your outbreak of herpes, by helping you find the best herpes treatment to suit your lifestyle and needs.

What Is Alternative Medicine?

Learning The Basics For An Educated Decision

Many people are beginning to question what is alternative medicine and what can the different types of alternative medicine possibly do for me? Are you just curious or having difficulties with conventional medicine?

Many people have actually spent their entire life using forms of alternative medicine. You just never put a name to it. Remember when you would rub a cream into your back to help relieve the back pain? Or for several days to a week you were trying to find a “cure” for the common cold (Mom’s chicken soup).

How about that burn and sting (aloe vera plant) when you accidentally touched the hot skillet. Or a common practice for many people suffering from sinus congestion is trying to relieve the pressure by taking a hot shower. How about the times you tried to relieve the pressure from a bad tension headache by pressing your temples really hard with your fingertips. All of these are forms of alternative therapies. So, the answer to what is alternative medicine is that often it is what you’ve been doing all along.

What Is Alternative Medicine

Of the two forms of health-care available in this world today (conventional medicine vs. alternative medicine), both do seem to have their own area of expertise in today’s health care system. Conventional medicine is an absolute necessity when dealing with any type of surgery, emergency or trauma. All of these need immediate emergency care and attention to prevent further difficulties or fatalities.

Chronic degenerative diseases can often be handled through the care of conventional medicine. It is often necessary for testing, diagnosis and a plan of treatment to be devised for any curative action. But diagnosis can often be obtained through alternative medicine also.

Alternative medicine has as much to offer, and in some cases more, for the treatment of many diseases such as cancer, arthritis, asthma, headaches, sinusitis, allergies or gastro-intestinal difficulties. This is because alternative therapies concentrate more on preventative measures and getting to the cause of your symptoms to relieve them permanently. Western medicine specializes more in masking the symptoms for the patient to find relief in a drug-based therapy.

Are Alternative Therapies Safe and Effective

Many people question the safety and effectiveness of alternative therapies. It is difficult for many to understand if alternative therapies are supposed to be so effective, why does their doctor never recommend them. This unfortunately, is a flaw in our current health care system.
Alternative Medicine and Conventional Medicine are both as a specialty a business. The under-lying factor for every business is to generate income. In conventional medicine, the pharmaceutical industry is the controlling interested party. Therefore as an income producing entity the manufacture and sales of pharmaceutical drugs is of immense importance.

In alternative medicine, there is no mass money-making product to generate a billion dollar faction in our society. Alternative medicine, as a group does not hand out millions and millions every year for research, advertising, free drug samples, build wings or entire hospitals etc. etc.. The list can go on and on who controls the medical community in an industrialized society. Many, many people owe their livelihood to the pharmaceutical industry.

Do not be confused though, as with any other business, each has its good parts and its questionable areas. Westernized or conventional medicine does have a very important position in an industrialized society. The unfortunate part is because of its predominance, very little alternative medicine information filters into mainstream society unless you as the patient take the time and energy to research the questions yourself in regards to what is alternative medicine.